Things that piss me off

Things That Piss me off
🔸white nail polish
🔸ARod and anything related
🔸shitty drivers
🔸hang nails
🔸when people don’t use blinkers
🔸kids in Walmart
🔸the feeling after eating at Taco Bell
🔸wobbly shopping carts
🔸hot weather
🔸too much creamer in coffee
🔸paying with checks
🔸ankle socks that don’t stay on
🔸bratty children
🔸anyone born after 1995
🔸extra innings
🔸salads with dressing deficiency
🔸stupid commercials
🔸people that use poor spelling while texting
🔸b4 is bingo, not something you do prior to another thing
🔸Body Odor
🔸poor dental hygiene
🔸patterned leggings worn outside of the house as fashion
🔸under cooked meat
🔸horse poop.. It never stops
🔸excessive footnotes
🔸voicemail symbols in the notification bar
🔸running out of fabreeze
🔸poorly executed messy buns
🔸windshield wipers
🔸lack of Parmesan cheese on pasta
🔸Dodgers and fans alike
🔸switch hitters who still strike out
🔸the film left in the cup from protein shakes
🔸smokey eyes
🔸Deer Springs traffic at rush hour
🔸rude people
🔸intentional assholes
🔸puffy skirts
🔸double sided tape
🔸Miley Cyrus
🔸dividers in parking lots.. Useless
🔸crooked parkers
🔸girls that post that they need to move on, but continue to say in the same shitty situation
🔸most girls in general
🔸pants.. especially tight ones
🔸almond joys
🔸close talkers
🔸people that involve themselves in situations that don’t concern them
🔸rude Vietnamese nail ladies
🔸food babies
🔸too much foam, not enough beer
🔸autograph beggars
🔸boots that don’t fit right
🔸moth holes
🔸snakes, spiders, bugs in general
🔸non circular pancakes
🔸Dora The Explorer
🔸apple juice
🔸rude children
🔸Panda Express
🔸the size ratio between grande and tall
🔸fancy coffee size names
🔸Petco Park parking
🔸downtown San Diego
🔸pizza with stupid toppings like artichoke or avocado.. Keep it Italian
🔸gym braggers
🔸persnickety cats
🔸when people stare at you while you’re eating
🔸in n outs located next to gyms
🔸temecula traffic
🔸the pool in ocotillo
🔸Costco lines
🔸misconception of dog breed behavior based on media perception
🔸flat billed hats
🔸bro hoes
🔸lifted trucks that don’t touch dirt
🔸oil paints
🔸large rims on Crown Vic’s
🔸 chrome
🔸pizza that lacks the proper amount of sauce.. Witt enough it’s just a glorified bread stick
🔸animal rights activists at circuses
🔸del mar fair exhibits
🔸sand in your buns

Just to name a few.. More to come haha

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