What really goes on in my mind; Baseball Minded

So, I’ve been getting the question a lot lately what “baseball minded” really means. To a fan of this great sport, it makes total sense.. To anyone else, they think it’s nonsense. Being baseball minded in my opinion is best described with what goes on in my mind on the day to day.. Yes, some people may think I’m insane, but I’m just a fan. I might be a baseball nerd, a stat geek, a collector of meaningless things, but hey.. Who are you to judge me? I’m not doing drugs or engaging in inappropriate things or have any addictions or bad imagery. I’m just a baseball nut, plain and simple.

So onto, or should I say “into” my mind.. What’s going on in that noggin? We’ll I can tell you this.. It’s the final day of regular season. That means two things in my mind. 1. Pure and utter sadness that I have 5 months of no games.. Because in my mind 162 just isn’t enough. And 2. Hoping that my sweet Indians pull AL wildcard and at least make it into post season.

But to break into the other portions of thought, I’d say it’s about 5% school work, 10% food, 3% the hot guy that sits next to me in my class, 2% football! and 85% baseball.

That’s a pretty clear estimate. If I had to elaborate a bit, it would make people think I’m flippin insane. So hear goes the prognosis.

I have names, stats, numbers, teams, scores, organizations, reporters, broadcasters, trades, payroll, positions, percentages, managers, anything you can possibly relate to baseball, I’m probably thinking about. When I woke up this morning, I had Al Hrabosky in my head from a dream I had about his mustache. When I was making coffee, I was thinking about whether or not Chris Davis would hit one last bomb today, or if Tito was going to play Raburn. I wondered if the Bo Sox would keep their glorious beards through post season.. Mike Napoli is smoking hot with a beard.. When I was in my Astronomy class on Thursday, my professor made a reference to Isaac Newton and had a number he said in accordance which was 1.83.. I looked at the guy next to me and said, “that’s Kershaw’s ERA.” Of course, he looked at me like I was insane, but he had a Dodger hat on so I figured he would be able to relate..
False. What a weenie.
I think about this stuff on the a day to day bases. When I see people wearing MLB team ball caps, I think about what we could talk about if we were to converse. See, I’m not just a fan of a particular team(not saying I don’t have my favorite teams).. (Go. Giants, Go Indians).. But I’m a fan of baseball in general. It’s a passion! I could have a conversation about any player, any team, any franchise, and aspect of the great American game you could possibly imagine.

So in basic terms, if you want to talk baseball with someone who actually knows baseball, let’s have a conversation! I’m your girl, let’s discuss, argue, relate, laugh, and have a good time.

And ps. That cute guy in my class, is a baseball fan… SHWING!

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