Blog post 2; Hist 336C

How does the book 12 Years a Slave compare to the film?

Solomon Northup’s Twelve Years a Slave was depicted in two ways, through novel and film. For those who have seen the movie and not read the book, they would say, “I’m good, it was very intense.” Little do they know… The novel brings an entire new level of intensity with the graphic descriptions that (I didn’t feel) were properly depicted in the film. The film also over dramatized many of the scenes, as well as putting a more romantic spin on the severe situations. The “Hollywood” spin added in scenes that had no prevalence to the novel or the story but I’m sure were added to grab viewers and make it more of an appealing story. I’m not saying the storyline was unappealing in the least bit, but the director gave it some movie magic to liven up the detrimental story of Solomon Northup’s excruciatingly brutal life a free man captured and sold into slavery. I feel as though the actors were casted very well and depicted the characters as I would imagine they’d of looked. Bravo Steve McQueen. The film itself was beautiful and devastating and gave us a very realistic tragedy that unfolded for Northup in times of slavery, and the impact was most definitely long lasting. I read the book before I saw the movie, so I had the account first hand in literature form. I kills me every time I read it. The movie gave it the imagery necessary, but still left the haunting nature of his struggle and tribulations in such a difficult time in our country. A good read and a good watch :)

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Sailor Jerry is my muse💙


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“We were just trying to drown her”


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Blog post 1 for History 336, civil war

Blog Post 1

The American Civil War was wild. From what I have learned in the past, it was the division of states due to politics and slavery issues. Many Southerners were against “preventing slavery” activist Abe Lincoln and protested his presidential win by secession. Seven states preceded and became the Confederate states of America, led by Jefferson Davis. The remaining states became known as the Union. War broke out between the north and the south after Lincoln dropped orders to reclaim some Southern states as Union states. After some intense battles and a ton of bloodshed, the outnumbered Confederate Army surrendered and the union won. Grant led the union and Lee led the Confederates. Not long after general Lee surrendered, Abe Lincoln was assassinated. All in all, slavery was abolished and the Confederacy was dissolved. Abe Lincoln did what he intended to do. Some 600,000 people were killed during the battles. I’ve been told by many teachers and professors that this was the most pointless war, which I strongly disagree with. I feel as though it was important for reasons beyond counting, not only for history but for our benefit in knowing how the politics work in this country and how everything is delegated in wartime efforts. An author that I like from this period, Walt Whitman, writes many poems and excerpts regarding the Civil War that hold great precedence in this era. “O Captain my Captain” and “Lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d” were both written about President Lincoln and the impact of what he did and how his death affected everyone Civil War era.

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Fall? Are you there? It’s me Chloë…

So naturally when I have any break from school, I go into work mode and become a relentless labor tyrant and put all my energy into making money for the next semester. I’ve sadly neglected updating my blog as a result. This has been a wacky summer to say the least. I’m ready for hunker down mode. I need some scheduling and routine back in my life. Fall semester is ideal for that. While everyone else is bitching and moaning about they want an endless summer I’m over here doing the fall happy dance. Don’t get me wrong, Endless Summer will always be my favorite docufilm.. But shit it’s freakin hot and miserable. I mean, I live in San Diego! Where’s the 70 degrees and palm trees idealistic landscape? All we’ve had is 90+ sweaty, angry at the world humidity laden bullshit. I may as well be in Arizona. We did get a wicked thunder/lightening/hail storm yesterday though.. That made my “I can’t drink hot coffee because I’m sweating at 7am” attitude flourish a bit. It kept me wide awake because it was loud as hell but whatever.. Free car wash :)

So I got to experience some pretty bitchin things this summer.. Definitly a few new ones for the book. I had an awesome(well deserved) trip to June Lake that rocked my world. Abundant fishing, beautiful landscapes and fresh mountain air. We also did the Devils Post Pile/Rainbow falls hike that kicked my ass. Whoever set the trail markers was drunk because that was wayyy longer that it was labeled. Worth it though. We had a rad view





I also got the biggest fish so I was pretty pumped on that bad boy.. The boys have some learning to do ;)
But seriously…. Hope ridiculous is nature?? His creation amazes me




And we did Bodie which was pretty rad too!


I also had my first experience going to Hollyweird.. Chinatown of all places. Luckily I was in great company so I had a great time. We went to support a friends band called The Rebel Light and they were incredible! And such nice guys. If you’re into discovering some great music, check them out!

And food trucks were a new one.. If you ever see Chinese Mexican fusion, think twice. It leaves you feeling like you ate 30 bucks worth of Taco Bell.


And then there was Miranda

What an insane night! My cousin surprised me with tickets to see her for our birthdays.. And we were in the parking lot tailgating when the holy truck pulled up. This kind little older couple rolled down the window and asked if we were big fans and of course we were. And they hand us this ticket package that just about knocked the wind out of both of us…

IMG_1345.JPG like are you freakin kidding me?? We went from lawn seats to 10 paces from the stage.. Good karma slapped us both across the face then turned around and kicked our asses straight to the promise land. We were right up there and it was insane! Justin Moore and Miranda Lambert out on an amazing show and we were so blessed with an incredible opportunity.

So now that this craziness of summer madness is almost over, I can come back to reality. I’m ready for school to start. Now.

By the way, what would I be if I didn’t talk about my beloved baseball?
I haven’t divulged much as of late because I’ve been so busy with life, but what a whirlwind this season has been. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to make it to several games. But the poor poor padres have cleaned house and shot down any chance of contending this season. Better luck next year fellas! I do however have faith in our new GM because he seems like he can do business.. Not to mention he’s a stone cold fox. And my Giants have signed one of my favorite pitchers in Jake Peavy.. I loved him in San Diego, I loved him in Boston, but now I can love him in my team with the Gigantes! And we will prevail in whooping some dodger ass. Kershaw scares me because he’s other worldly, but I have good juju set in place for my beloved giants. And the Indians have kind of shocked me with their production. Il always be faithful to my Ohio team, but man.. Can we get some decent pitchers?? One standout to me is Mr TJ House.. Not only because he has an awesome last name, but he’s been very productive in starting pitching for the Indians.. I’ve got high hopes for this guy, and a big plus is when I get my new jersey for next season, I won’t have to get a custom one cause he’s on the roster.. Yahtzee!

I have to get back to work, but I’m glad I was able to check in and catch up on this 2014 madness.. Til next time compadres😘

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I really do want to build a snowman..


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Well il tell you a story of Whiskey and Mystics and Men🔮


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