Bedazzled Patron for Dirty 30

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Hist 390 Blog Post 2; 1850-1900

Patent of the Incandescent Light Bulb


On January 27, 1880, Thomas Edison patented the incandescent light bulb. This gave him full rights and legal representation, as well as reproduction and marketing of this invention. The incandescent light bulb helped pave the way for useable electricity for productive use in a work and home setting setting alike. This document shows the internal, as well as external mechanics and engineering that went into creating the light bulb, as well as the mechanism required for active electrical charge. The production of the lightbulb led to the need for the “better lamp”, in which Edison’s creation using the wired fuse allowed for optimal charge for lighting. In this time, it became more of a necessity to have a lamp in everyday settings. It allowed for every day work to become easier and for more hours to accumulate for labor workers.

Socially, the invention of the incandescent light bulb created a sense of new “freedom” for people to do more with their time. Creating an efficient light source added hours to the day. Economically, this bulb provided a sense of luxury for such buildings and steamers for accommodations and transportation purposes. People became highly impressed with this luxury, which was a way to harness electricity and use it effectively.

The impact of the incandescent light bulb allowed for a propulsion of engineering that led to the expansion of electricity in commercial settings and homes alike. In Today’s culture, incandescent light bulbs have become an economically savvy necessity. The new version allows energy savings in electricity which is ideal for cost effective living. Saving money is a large consumer target, since electricity is an expensive utility in our current society. Certain forms of this original technology could’ve been considered highly dangerous due to the fuse that was connecting contrasting wires. The flammability caused concern for household use because electrical fires were becoming more evident. Fortunately, with advancement in the engineering of the incandescent light bulb, the invention has proved to be the safest of all bulbs for replaceable use in homes and the work environment.

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Homemade Oven Steak French Fries

Ever get the insatiable desire for ranch fries but don’t want to drive to some fast food joint to get them? Well, my potato loving friends, I have your solution! Oven baked french fries! Easy to make and insanely addicting. Also, if you have a bag of potato laying around that need to be used before they expire, this is a quick delicious way to use those bad boys up!

So start with your favorite potatoes.. Personally I like rose potatoes because they are meaty. Chop them with a BREAD knife because it will allow an even cut without snags or funky marks.


Slice one way, then proceed to separate the medallions into slivers. Vary them in size so that your fries are all unique. If you’re a technical person, go for the gold and cut them precisely(TO EACH THEIR OWN).


After cutting the taters up, put them in a bowl of HOT water and add some salt. This will allow them to soak in liquid to keep them plump. seal the bowl with plastic wrap and squeeze the air out. Less wiggle room, better sponging. Let sit for an hour.


Pre-heat your oven to 450F degrees. I use a pizza pan because you can evenly spread the fries out for full coverage. Cover with foil and spray with Baker’s Joy so they don’t stick to the foil.

Drain the water from the bowl, and dump the potatoes on a paper plate. Using the same bowl, pour EV Olive oil(liberal amount), garlic powder, onion powder, cracked pepper, and Montreal Steak seasoning in and stir with a fork until mixed. This will be the flavor to your fries.

DSC_0772  DSC_0773DSC_0774

Start to add blanched fries into the bowl and mix them with tongs until coated. Follow by placing fries on the pizza pan, spread out for optimal cooking.


Cook for about 20 minutes. You’ll start to smell them immediately because the Montreal has chunks of roasted Garlic in it. Once done, flip the fries over and put back in the oven for 10 minutes. Put them on a paper towel to soak some of the cooked oil up from the fries.

DSC_0779 DSC_0757 DSC_0758

Then Voila! serve up in a cute bowl and add your favorite sauce or dip. You now have bitchin steak fries made in the comfort of your own home :)


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The Comet; Hist390 Blog1750-1850

The Comet; Hist390 Blog1750-1850

Henry Bell was one of the most popular inventors of his time, not only for the functionality of his inventions, but for the progress and productivity of his that they offered. He was an engineer out of Scotland who trudged forth in creating machinery of optimal power that used both science and technology. Bell’s early interest in steam power and the advancement it provided allowed for him to research and develop his most successful project in the steam passage boat. In 1812, Bell set forth and released the first steam powered boat subsequently named The Comet. The vessel traveled at five miles per hour on a three horsepower steam engine. It allowed for transport across channels in record times compared to the previous wind directed ships.

The document attached is an original advertisement for this particular ship when it was first released, found on the Helensburgh Heritage Trust website containing historical technologies produced, and or reconstructed in Scotland.  The advertisement states that the ship is strictly for passengers, and that the travel schedule is set for transportation between Glasgow, Greenwich, and Helensburgh which allowed travel from Scotland to England and back. This advertisement offers “elegance, comfort, safety and speed” which was ideal for passengers considering most transportation via ship allowed none of these accommodations or luxuries. Initially, the steam boat was petitioned to the British government for use of transporting the necessary supplies for armed forces from province to province. When the vessel was inspected, it was further devised as a good source of transportation for people rather than supplies and weapons. The fact that it traveled quicker and more smooth than cattle ships assisted in the acquired method of travel for aristocrats and the wealthier class. Soon it became an all inclusive method of transportation for all classes and individuals.

The creation of the steam powered boat was a successful invention at best. Advancement in the power and energy used to produce the power evolved to created the vessels that we know today as freight ships, ocean liners, and cruise ships. Without the initial technology created by Bell, our ships today wouldn’t have the productivity or usefulness necessary to ship. Bell’s inventive nature could even attribute to the technology that our military carriers and vessels have today. The science behind calculating the wind and knots in accordance with water pressure and steam accumulation per mile is extraordinarily technical. I know I don’t have the scientific nor mathematic mind to accomplish such feats. Bell could be considered a pioneer of modern nautical technology with his innovation of the Comet.

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“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.” -WD

Life is about choices. Every day we make decisions that have the potential to change our lives. It may not be drastic, hell it may even be as simple as decaf (which is foolish), but every action has a reaction. Each choice effects us in some way shape or form. People say that things happen for a reason. Most of the time, that reason is because of a choice you made. There are exceptions. We don’t chose to get life threatening illnesses. In saying that, some illnesses can definitely be avoided by making “better” choices. You don’t want lung cancer? Simple, don’t smoke. You don’t want your teeth to rot and your face to crater? Don’t do meth. Shit, just don’t do meth in general. I don’t care who you are, THAT is bad choice.

People die every day from bad decisions. That was their choice. Other people shouldn’t be held accountable for one individual’s choice. That’s why I don’t feel pity. If choose to do highly toxic methamphetamines and you die as a result, thats not my problem. You made that decision yourself, I didn’t make it for you. I can’t feel bad about something that wasn’t my decision. If anything, it makes me question your mindset and your intentions, and your moral compass for that matter. But then again, who am I to judge? I make choices that other people may not agree with. I consume too much caffeine, I have a bad temper, I probably drink more than I should, I work too much, I have convictions of my own.. The list goes on. But those are my choices. Im not physically harming anyone or intentionally trying to be destructive. Thats my choice. Im just a loud mouth, Irish asshole. My choices are my choices, and no other person should feel remotely responsible for what I do.

It makes me think of those people who pull the “my way or the highway” bullshit. They make a choice to be a bully, and they lose a lot of respect in the process. The individuals who go along with it make the choice to be controlled, and they in turn allow someone else to dictate their lives. A shitty choice I may add. Ive been taught from a young age that we are in control of our own destinies. There lays truth in triumph. We just have to have faith in the process and faith in ourselves to do right by our morals. Im not a preachy type of person. I have my beliefs and my morality, but they are my own. I don’t agree with pushing religion onto people, especially when everyone has their own beliefs. Thats my choice. Its not my place to tell others how to live their lives. I do however, have full right to have faith that people will make good choices for themselves. I try to hold faith that God will help those who help themselves and do kind things. Thats my internal hope for positive outcomes. I have no say in what will happen, but I can sure as hell pray that goodness and happiness come to those I love and to those who have bigger problems than I do.

Contrary to what most see my lifestyle as, which everyone likes to judge because well, thats their choice, I dedicate my life to helping others. I try to be the best possible person I can. I do nice things for people and give more than I receive. Im perfectly okay with that. Nothing makes me happier than seeing someone else genuinely happy. That’s what life is about. Thats a result of choices. I pray every night. I pray for happiness, not for myself, but for the people around me and those whom are in my life. I pray that my brothers and sisters are healthy and happy, that my extended family finds peace and sanctity. I pray for my friends (past and present) to have endless possibilities of success and to find their passions. I pray for the safety and security of those serving our country, whether it be overseas or on bases. And I pray for those who have difficulties staying afloat, regardless of their situation. Like I said, I dont pity anyone who makes bad decisions and suffers the consequences. In fact, I dont pity anyone. Thats my choice. It’s also my choice to have faith and pray for a better outcome for those individuals. Thats my perspective. Faith is universal. Faith is also a choice. Make wise decisions. Dictate your life in a way that creates positivity. Your responsible for your own choices. Just make sure you take the time to think about how your decisions will affect the people in your life. It’s not their job to spend their life wondering why you made specific decisions and to wonder what they “could’ve done”. You owe it to the people that care about you to be prosperous and live a fulfilling life.

Be the person your grandma thinks you are. Be kind and make choices in good faith. Shit, you made the choice to sit and read through this, so in my opinion of being a self proclaimed happiness expert, you’re not doing too bad for yourself :)

Thanks for the time, and remember that you are the master of your own destiny. Take life by the horns and do it right! We get one shot, choose wisely

xo Chloë

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Dreaming of Disney


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Accurate hahaha


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