Obligatory Bio

Hey bud, let’s party! My name is Chloë and I like to write. I also dig taking pictures and documenting things that I like, and complaining about things I don’t! But who doesn’t like to complain in this world? 

I graduated college after a swift seven years of changing majors and becoming a jack of all trades (master of all 😏). I have a handful of degrees, my major two being bachelors in literature & writing and history. Holla! 

In case you hadn’t put two and two together, I’m a spicy ginger.. last of a dying breed and I LOVE IT!

Based on my headline, my likes are pretty apparent. I’m a huge baseball fan. The San Francisco Giants are my NL team and The Cleveland Indians are my AL team. Boch and Tito for life! I also love to cook! I have a separate blog titled HouseofCarbz

In the last two years I made a major lifestyle change and dropped roughly 70lbs of dead weight and gained 20lbs of muscle. With that came my love for fitness and exercise and becoming my best possible self. Holla at a transformation Story!

Probably the biggest part of my life that ties everything together is Disney, Marvel, DC, and all things Star Wars. I’ll woo you with my nerdiness. I love comic books and all too often judge people who base their thoughts on the films.. the comics are the true storyline. So in short, I’ll destroy you with my nerd powers and imbeccible intellect😂😂 
I’m a big supporter of the military and all things related. My pops is a retired marine corps gunny and my best friend. He taught me guns, tactical skills, peripheral awareness, self defense, hand to hand combat, how to drive, how to cook a perfectly seared steak, and how to enjoy the little things. And you’re in the military, I salute you and thank you for your service🎗

So please, enjoy my thoughts and journeys, ridicule me and pick a fight, connect and communicate, and let’s make this world better together! Stay salty!