What’s on your bucket list??

Everyone has a list..

A list of things that they’d like to do/accomplish in life. Some call it a bucket list, some call it a goal list, either way its a way to document what you would like to do in your lifetime. I feel like its good to write things like that down, because if you see it, you are more inclined to follow through.
So here is mine.. a bit unconventional, kooky, somewhat dangerous, but over all well rounded. Lets see if I can accomplish them!

• Show up in boots, and ruin a black-tie affair

• ride a bull in a rodeo

• Speak with an English accent for a week syraight without breaking character

• travel to Australia and find P. Sherman 42 wallaby way

• go to all 5 Disneyland locations

• enter a pepper eating contest and dominate

• watch the Padres play from that one penthouse suite that always has the rave lights flashing

• attend an All Star game

• go to a ball game in cleveland

• find a drive in theatre and watch Mary Poppins

• net fish the flying asian carp in the louisiana bayou

• eat at least one of everything at the Delmar fair

• see George Strait perform

• visit the Twin Tower memorial in New York and pay my respects

• participate in a Civil War reenactment

• jump off the oceanside pier

• swim with stingrays in Bora Bora

• get rediculously long acrylic nails and see how long they last

• grow my hair to my booty

• cornrow my hair like Bo Derek

• write a book about absolutely nothing

• meet Will Clark, Mariano Rivera, Rollie Fingers, and Bruce Bochy

• get my PHD

• throw a silver dollar in the Trevi fountain

• Watch a ballgame at AT&T park

• snag a homerun ball

• build a lifesize lego castle

• take a ride in a helicopter along the California coast

• put on a Ghilly suit and scare the patootie out of random people

More to come, but Id say its a good start!

Comment your thoughts

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