Better to be busy, than bored!

So if were keeping tabs here, I havent blogged in about a month.. none the less, its been an eventful month, birthdays, baseball, holidays, trips, craziness, and a plethora of coffee and warm weather.

This year, my mom’s birthday was on a Sunday, so what do we do? Trip to Catalina of course! Even though it was a swift 4am morning drive then an hour and a half on a boat, we had a blast. Sunshine, food, drinks, shopping and cake.. id say it was a successful one! We also got a 3D smart tv for the living room. I dont know a damn thing about electronics, so i am completely oblivious to what smart tv meant. Little to my knowledge, it does most of the same things my fancy phone does. Pretty spiffy! And the 3D movies are wicked awesome. Astheticly pleasing at all levels.



I cut my hair.. 12 inches to be exact. It was a big step for me because i love my hair. But hey, it was time for a change! Time to grow up a little, and I can do so much with it now 🙂


Had a little bit of vacation time in the mix which was well needed. I also had my last Disneyland trip for my pass, which was fantastic because it wasnt too hot yet. Got to fiddle around and be a kid for a day. And had some fantastic food:))


As for baseball, oh boy.. The NL west is ringing me dry. I cant keep up with this shit! Giants have flip flopped all over the standings and have been playing less than par. But I have to put into consideration the fact that half the team is on the DL, and our starting pitching is starting to kick up. We were in the same place last year at this time, so I choose to be optimistic! Nobody likes a Debby Downer!!
My AL team, the Indians(or should I say Windians) have been on fire! Mr. Jason Kipnis has been going yard left to right, and between Masty and Kluber and Kazmir, their starting pitching is on point. Can I get an amen!

Rounding down to the 4th, i had a wonderful day! Im as patriotic as it gets.. in my eyes, everyday is Independence day 🙂
This year, we decided to go to the Grand Tradition again. Had such a great time last year that we had to repeat. The cool thing about this year was that they had local restaurants catoring.. shwing! We got a great spot right on the lake(let me say, such a beautiful property), and enjoyed food and drinks and good company all around. And the fireworks were fantastic as well!



We also have a new stray cat in the neighborhood, we call him Mr.Fuzz

and a new addition to the family, meet Bentley!

So all in all, a busy month.. but better to be busy than bored! Until next time my compadres.. ♡

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