I dream of baseball

I had a gentlemen ask me why I love baseball.. It took me all of 2 seconds to say “because it’s the best sport on the planet!” Whats not to like? Its the perfect blend of athleticism, food, beer, comrodery, and entertainment. Its about family and friendship and a game that has stolen the hearts of america for the last 144 years. The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, the atmosphere of the ballpark, and the game we all love.
Everyone has their specific reason why they love it.. For myself, I love EVERYTHING about it. Getting to know your favorite players and having that sheer excitement when you see them at bat is great. Seeing opposing teams and players and trying to figure out how to say their names, or putting an accent on them and making it fun.. some of my favorite names that role off your tongue: Saltalamacchia, Rizzo, Encarnacion, Scutaro, Fernando, Ibanez, Guerreo, Scioscia, Gossage, Federowski, Yastrzemski..
We cant forget Wojciechowski and Spooneybarger.

Theres also the broadcasters who shout those memorable sayings that gain as much attention as the plays that accompany them..
Best in my opinion,
“You can put it on the boaarrrrrrddd, yeeeeahh!”

So there is no one great thing about baseball in my head.. I love it all! What girl wouldnt love it? A foolish one!
Diamonds, baseball pants, food, beer, handsome men, dashing facial hair, killer performances, best sports fanbase, going yard, liners and grounders, team spirit, atmosphere, and most of all, love of them game. 🙂

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