Do you even homer bro?

I would really love for society to explain to me why a ballplayer immediatley gets accused of PED use when he’s got a hot bat. Seriously? Why cant he just be that good? Why do must you throw that in the mix? Not everyone is a juice happy cheater..

Example of integrity: the golden boy of 2013, Mr. Chris Davis.

To start, you can just look at the guy and see that he is fit. He takes care of himself. Not to mention he’s got pipes for days.. it begs the question, “do you even lift bro?”


Obviously, people will speculate because of his adonis like body, but with arms like that, who wouldnt hit well? When you look at his spring stats next to the 2013 season, he is on point. He’s hitting bombs and not getting enough credit for it.



The same goes for Big Papi.. Ortiz has been on fire with his homers. Not to mention his accomplishment for most hits by a DH. They showed his award from the front office on Intentional Talk yesterday haha


But this season, yet again Ortiz’s bitchin record parade is being rained on by the PED hurricane.. if you lool at his stats, he has been a consistent ballplayer his career. Ups and downs are completely normal, so why are people so up in arms about roids?
(Insert A-Rod and Ryan Braun)
Dont punish quality, honest ballplayers because a few ying yangs got caught up in a biogenises scandal. Let Chris Davis and Big Papi go yard without speculation.. its good for my fantasy team 🙂

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