Deep fried Death Sentence

Summer is here, and in San Diego county that means one thing.. FAIR

Now I have to admit, im not a huge fan of the rides at the fair, because like most people I value my life. Death is not on my fun list!
The Del Mar fair is one of he funnest things to do in the North County area in summertime. They have events like crazy, including offroad shows, pig races, concerts, 4H and FFA competitions, and rad exhibits on all different ends of the spectrum. But if we’re being honest here, there is one attraction that supercedes all of that.. its that four letter word that makes the world go round. FOOD

The Delmar fair is known for one of the best county fair food displays on the west coast. It’s that good! Ive been dreaming of it since last year. Yes, we go primarily for the food, but who wouldnt?

Australian potatoess doused in cheese and ranch, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, fried cheese curds, lobster dinner for $25, pulled pork, gyros, cinnamon role heaven, deep fried klondike bars, pizza on a stick, corndogs the size of little league bats, kabobs galore, hawaiian bbq served in a hollow pineapple, frozen yogurt, fried melty candy bars, frog legs, flat bread pizza, donut bacon cheeseburgers.. thats just a small portion of what they have to offer. Anything you can imagine fried, they probably have it.

Last year, I was fortunate enough to be given a stack of tickets.. but I have no problems whatsoever paying 15 bones to get the best food experience of the year. Looking forward to gorging on fried delicasies for a couple days!


Shot from the skyline in Del Mar

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