Baseball, brawls, and bombastic scheduling

Quick catch up: baseball, shopping, baseball, massage, baseball, life, orirntation, and more baseball. I know ive titled my blog as ‘Baseball Minded’ so I have to at least give my input on the subject. Luckily, i have no provlem what-so-ever doing it!

Its been a busy couple weeks, as usual and I havent had time to blog.. sorry! Ive had a hell of a time just keeping up with normal every day activities because of the gnarlyness of my impending schedule. Unfortunately, I wasnt able to plan a Disney date with my gal pals, but me and momma are going to shoot for one last trip this weekend before we are blocked out with our passes.

Baseball.. holy freakin crap!!
What a crazy whirl wind of games and events that have happened in the last week and a half. Il start with the awkward Giants schedule that has left them with an odd standing in the NL west. St Louis was a blur, Toronto was a solid WTF, and AZ shot right past us! Pittsburg has been a competely different story.. sans Bochy and George Kontos, which probably has been a horrible day for him. Get this, it’s his 28th birthday, suspended for 3 major league games, but also sent down to triple A fresno.. happy birthday to him haha Bochy was also suspended a game for allowing Kontos to nail McCutchen in last night’s game.
Around the league:
Padres swept Atlanta.. WHAT! When did San Diego get so good? Or were the brothers Upton and el oso blanco not performing? Beats me! Regardless, the pads put on a hell of a show and put the Braves in their place!

Im sure everyone caught last nights UFC fight at Dodger stadium against the Diamondbacks. Let me start with my utter disgust for the disrespect the Dodgers convey. Baseball is a family game. Ballparks are made for families to attend. Yasiel Puig was called up a little over a week ago and has been killing it! Crazy throws, homers, and grand slams.. can you say monayyy! But onto this weeks series shennanigans. I get it, Grienke nailed Miguel Montero and that was wrong, but the fact that they went after two guys in the head was wrong. These teams are first and last in the division. Youre bitter, and put on a horrible exmple for the future. Would you want your children acting like that? Do you want your parents to see you act that? I mean, grown ass men acting like pissed off teenagers.. i see nothing admireable about a man who uses violence to get his point across. Youre pissed because your teammate was hit, i understand. But your children are seeing you act this way. Do you want them to think its okay?

Think before you act gentlemen!

So on sunday, I had planned my late christmas gift massage.. let me say, WELL over due. I also organized all my baseball cards and categorized thembinto their current standings by division and league. I know, im a closet nerd! But the massage was amazing, and well needed! And I almost got all my cards in a binder. Still need more sheets!
This week, I had my CSUSM orientation. I can finally call myself a Cougar HA! It sounds awful, i know, but Im very invested in my future, and Im so excited to be at the university. Community college was awful, even though ive met so many great people, ive never been so happy to be out of there! My orientation was great, had fun, got exercise, drank copious amounts of coffee, registered and enrolled, and was done. I also met some very pleasant people, and possibly my future classmates. It was a great experience, and I finally got my chance to get my mom her “cougar mom” bumper sticker haha

All in all, im exhausted after the eventful two week stand of nonstop madness. This weekend, I have a hair apppointment and possibly Disneyland. Im not sure what Id like to do with my hair yet, but its either going to be a trim or chop it all off..

Til next time my friends!

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