Egg Friday

Okay folks, as some may know I engage in a weekly ritual that I like to call “Egg Friday”. Its pretty simple.. I cook eggs on Fridays haha
I like to mix it up each week so I dont get bored with what i make. Eggs are fantastic, because you can cook them in so many different ways. I prefer scrambled because that yokey crap grosses me out.

This egg friday, i chose Obrien style potatoes with scrambled eggs, sliced cornbeef and cheese. I am my own worst critic, so I must try all things before I can make for the masses. I like to experiment with my cooking, and if it sucks, i wont make it that way again.. but one thing is certain, I never waste food! Even if I dont like it, il eat it because my mother taught me never to waste.

Okay, here comes today’s mesh..

I start with a Idaho potatoe, because they are meaty and allow for a solid filler that is not too high in calories. Steam it for about 4-6 minutes depending on size. Once its soft, chop it into cubes.
I like to use olive oil when cooking because it is much healthier for you. Butter may taste better, but clogged arteries and spare tires are not fun!
So cook the potatoes on high with olive oil until crispy around the edges.. i like to use a little montreal steak seasoning to flavor them(gives the O’brien taste), because lets face it, montreal is good on EVERYTHING.


Next comes your eggs.. not the pan is already oily, so no additional oil is necessary. The eggs will cook fast because the pan is already hot. Once cooked, add some cheese of your choice and put a tiny bit of water in the pan and let sizzle. This will melt the cheese.

Last comes assembly! Potatoes on the bottom, eggs on the top and add whatever toppings you wish!

During avocado off season, I buy the Wholly guacamole 100 calorie packs. They add a nice little flavor to your dish.


Low calorie satisfaction✔

Bon appetite

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