Save the Jaguars(because Dora is lazy)

Okay, prepare for a small rant.. i dont know if anyone has ever indured a full episode of Dora the Explorer before, but let me tell you.. NOT FUN. I was watching some kids and of course, their favorite show is Dora. I get it, its educational and teaches kids spanish and the value of friendship, but man was it insanely innacurate. I know its a cartoon, but seriously?

Let me start with the fact that the episodes theme was “save the day” and they had three friends in need of saving. The first one was a baby jaguar about to fall into the forest of prickers and thorns.. how does one fall into a forest? Beats me! But they make such a big deal about this little jaguar holding on with his claws for dear life, all the while they take their sweet as time going to save him. They went through an entire process of trying to figure out that they needed a six foot long net that, get this, came out of her tiny backpack.. Marry Poppins magic carprt bag reinvented.. but they took 15 minutes to figure this shit out. Guess what Dora! Baby Jaguar died 10 minutes ago. Way to go writers! The 5 year old that was watching this says to me, “Chloe, they took too long.. Dora is foolish.”

Point made.

Sometime later,she pulled a ladder out of her backback to save an iguana from a foot deep hole, and a bull from a “gooey guiser”, which i imagine is like a volcano, but it pumps pink icecream. Oh, and he got his hot airbaloon stuck in it.

What has this world come to?
What happened to Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse??

I somehow made it through the episode, and lived.. but obviously I was beyond irritated because I wrote this blog haha but anyways, a message to parents:
STEER CLEAR OF DORA, it may teach your kids spanish, but its also teaching them that dangerous real life situations dont need quick action. If Timmy is drowning in the lake, teach them 911, not “backpack, backpack.”

One thought on “Save the Jaguars(because Dora is lazy)

  1. I like with your conclusion, but I don’t think that Tom and Jerry is the best choice as an alternative. If cartoons should be taken seriously, maybe don’t watch one where the main characters try to kill (or at best severely maul) each other 😉

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