17 innings; Raiders of the lost BBQ

Exhausted.. another busy weekend on the books. I could of easily slept for another 8 hours this morning, but I have work so that was not an option. Thank the lord for strong coffee! Technically, I had two busy days and one down day, but im so tired I call all three.

Friday started off as normal. Wake up, 30 minute cardio on the elyptical, shower, work. But instead of being done at 5:30, I decided to go to the ballgame. Little did we know what was in store for us! For me, going to any ball game is exciting. I love the atmosphere of being in a major league park, even if it’s not my team of choice. Hot dogs, beer, and baseball.. it doesnt get much better! So my pops suprised me with a truely amazing gift. When he was in the marine corps, he got the chance to go to a big league camp with the Padres. It was in ’91, so they were given the special pinstripe jerseys with the orange and navy writing. They also personalized them with names and numbers. So he walks up with the two jerseys and says, “I have something for you.. you dont have to put it on, but I want you to have this.” He told me the story, and I was beyond honered to of been given such a memorable item. Definitly something I will treasure for the rest of my life!


So anyways, after already having a full, wakeup at 6:20am day, we headed to the yard to enjoy the game. Let me start by saying I was quite excited to see the pads rookie(Jedd Gyorko) play because that boy has been on fire! Also we were playing Toronto, so I was also hoping that I could get the chance to see Joey bats go yard. Insane bat, and not something you get to see every day! So we got our dogs and beers, sat down and finished just in time for opening ceremonies. It was awesome that it was the celebration of the negro leagues, because they had a handful of some of the best African American players ever in attendance. Awesome experience!! When it came to national anthem time, the Pads honored Toronto by doing the Canadian national anthem as well. Of course, we had three rows of beligerent canadian frat boys sitting in the adjoining section, so it was beyond the point of irritating. I was shocked at how many Jays fans were in San Diego. The contrast was cool. A sea of beer guzzling, hot dog chowing, cobalt and navy fans. Would of made a great picture puzzle haha


So the game started, Jays led off, follwed by a two run homer and were up three in the 3rd. If I have one pet peeve about Padres starters, it’s that they walk like nobodies business. Jason Marquis is an expert. Its awful for the team, vecause position players and the bullpen have to come in and clean up the mess. Unfortunate.
So 5th inning, we get a walk, single, and low and behold, Gyorko comes to the plate. Doubles deep center, clears two, and the Arencibia gets caught in a throwing error and Gyroko bolts, hits third and hauls into home and is safe. Three runs on one hit because of an error. What an insane play! That boy is going to do great things in his career!! So that was 5th inning tied 3-3. We sat through the ninth, still tied, strike after strike, pop ups and fouls, and alot of nonsense. We were watching at the bottom of the 12th, and I said to my pop, “is there such thing as a 14th inning stretch?” He laughed and said probably not.. low and behold, 9 minutes and two more innings later and this is what we get..


So after that we went three more innings, past midnight, and the Padres get a walkoff single by a guy thats hit .100 for the season to end the game. What a freakin day. I kept saying to myself “17 17 17” and was so exhausted i couldnt think about anything else.
Saturday I didnt do a damn thing. Sat on my ass, ate, and watched MLB Network all day.

Sunday, we went to Disneyland and had an awesome day. I wore my new insole sneakers and got a bitchin calf workout. We started off with beignets as the Jazz Kitchen, and they were delicious!! Then we circled around and hope on a few ride that we hadnt been on in years, and then headed to lunch. Now id never seen this place before, and had no idea it was there. It was a bbq place in frontierland, forgot the name, but it was withing spitting distance of the petting zoo area. Now get this.. sit down, family style, all you can eat full bbq meal for $20 per person. What a deal! Especially for Disneyland, where you pay 8 bucks for a water bottle. But the meal was fantastic! Ribs, chicken, cole slaw, baked beans, cornbread and you can get as much as you want. It was like hog heaven.. bbq euphoria!

We walked around a bit more, crazy full and trying to resituate the feast we just consumed and got some iced coffee to wake up a bit. We had gotten fast pass tickets for Indiana Jones, and came back in time for the ride. Sure enough, they stopped the ride when it was our time. They said there was an unexpected stop, so all of us assumed the worst.. POOP. I mean, why else would they stop the ride if they said no one was hurt? Obviously, it was poop. So finally they opened it, we got in about 10 minutes, which was awesome, and we boarded our truck. Then the lights went on and everything stopped. Again. We sat in the boarding area in the truck for a good 30 minutes. Nonsense. Finally they got the ride going, the attendee said there was some mechanical failure with one of the trucks. Little did I know that they were actually real vehicles, that had real vehicle problems. What a awful experience to have to stop in the middle of the ride and all the lights turn on. And having to walk out. For people that have been on the ride, I can imagine its awesome to see.. but for little kids that are seeing it for the first time, that kills me. It would completely destroy the magic, the aw, the experience would be ruined. So after all that business, we made it through the ride and it was amazing as always. We went and got icecream after that, because you cant not have icecream at Disneyland! The cookie dough icecream at the dreyers shop on Main was amazing. Delicious in every way! We left about 7pm, because we were all tired and had work today. Definitly a busy, adventorous, and fun weekend.. il leave you with our food, because everyone loves a little encouragment for the week 😉



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