Think about it Thursday

The “throwback thursday” trend is moving it’s way along in all forms of social media.. i find it somewhat interesting, somewhat irritating. I mean, unless its a joyous occasion that is well worth being relieved then its perfectly okay. If it is an incriminating or beyond embarrasing memory, then keep it to yourself. Dont do that to your family, friends, and aquaintances. Rude.

Other things that get me are the relating days of the week with clever puns..
Margarita Monday because nobody likes mondays
Taco Tuesday for your foodies
Whip it Wednesday (dirtbike kids)
Thirsty Thursday for your local boozies
And for the explicit bunch..
F*ck it Fridays

Why cant we put some better thought into these titles? I mean, who wouldnt enjoy flat tire fridays? Or whimsical wednesdays? Or maybe even salute our troops sundays?

Obviously it’s time to start a new trend, and to jazz uo these puns.. because lets face it, some of these just suck haha

In honor of throwback thursday, il share two of my favorite magazine covers/friendly rivalries.. think back to SI, baseball 1988 and just last year’s espn mlb preview


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