Greif and loss; Remembering the Unforgettable

I wanted to touch on grieving, just for the fact that this last weekend ive had several friends who have lost a loved one. A guy out of our community in northern San Diego passed this weekend in a streetbike accident. He was beloved by many, and known to be a genuinely nice guy. I remember meeting this guy once, a few years ago at Pala Raceway. He was very pleasant and personable, and the short time we talked, he was very sweet and expressed his love for his sport which was motocross. Growing up in an area that breeds moto prodigies, i know all too well about accidents and mishaps. Ive had friends that have crashed severely, but none have gone unexpectedly. This gentleman was a close friend to many of my friends, and I regret not getting to know him better. Although ive only spoken with him once, i feel privelaged to have had the chance to meet him. My deepest condoloences go out to the Cox family and loved ones. 
Weve lost quite a few in the moto community in the last year, between Connor Penhall and Jeff Cargola, Eigo Sato and Jantz Grodzicki. The losses of each of these indiviuals has made a huge impact on many of our lives. We mourn, we grieve, and we remember.

When it comes to grieving, I feel like its the most difficult to those who dont fully know the person, because they dont understand the relationships carried by those closest to the individual. Im not trying to explain the unexplainable. I feel sadness in my heart for his family and his girlfriend and his friends that I know. Even though I dont know much about him, other than what we once spoke about, I feel pain and solemn for those who knew him the best. I feel sad for my friends that had close relationships, because I see their pain. Death has a way of bringing people together, and mending broken hearts and sadness. If I can offer my condolences and help to those affected, even if I dont know them, im glad to be a positive light. It takes one happy energy to celebrate a life, rather than mourn a loss.

I cant say that I honestly knew Evan Cox, but I can say ive met a guy who was genuine and passionate about motocross, and put his effort into something he loved. From what Ive read from mutual friends, he was a loving and loyal friend, and a brother figure to many. So as a human being, I feel sad for the loss of a great guy and a friend/family member to many. Compassion and greif are forefront to many of my friends, and I feel their loss as if it was my own. So in tribute, ride in peace Evan Cox, and my deepest sympathy goes to his family, friends, aquaintances and loved ones. He will be forever remembered.

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