Adventures in Hell

This year, Mothers day ended up being a great day. I got to hang out with my sister and mom for the day and it was such good company. Just a relax, no nonsense, fun day. Beside the fact that it was a swift 102° in the IE, we managed to have a great day.

Quick weather recap: I wish the weather would have calmed down a bit, but thank the lord it wasnt humid. But I have crazy pollen allergies so I was borderline dying. Dead heat, to where you walk out and you look around for chupacabre because your eyeballs are sweating. Thank god for air conditioning! But it was so bad that you have to crank it to where your eyes burn from the free-on, so basically youre in hell wherever you go. Welcome to Temecula. Now il probably get people from AZ calling me a baby because theyre 10-15 degrees hotter, but I live in California so calm down. Homie dont play that!

Im not a fan of smokin hot weather, id rather be really cold and add layers than so hot that you want to rip your face off.

Anyways, our day was quite pleasant when we were indoors. We started at this awesome antique warehouse(seasoned shopper) called Grannies Attic. Coolest place in town. It lays back by the Dance company so there isnt heavy traffic. There is always something cool to find. The atmosphere is rad too, with booths full of trinkets and doo dads, costumes and hats, all the best of the 1900’s!

Me and my sister, much to my mom’s dismay, tryed on everything in reach and took insane pictures.. my favorite was when she grabbed a reaper and a trapper hat, wearing a cute dress with combat boots and made the “wanna play a game” face haha and by the way, the Saw series of movies was awful. I regret ever watching that crap!

So after Grannies, we headed to front street, and I have to say im no longer impressed. It’s changed drastically in the last few years. The whole point of an “old town” is to have old shit.. instead theyve changed it to new smelly overpriced shit. Nonsense!

We walked around a few shops, unimpressed and irritated, and then went and got some grub. Now I always like Texas Lils when I go there, but the food wasnt that great this time. The zuchini was bomb, as usual, but the other dishes were less than mediocre. I dont know of it was the restaurant, or if I was just in the mood for something else, but it was kinda gross. Maybe it was the weather. But like I said, the zuchini was money!


After feeling greased out and overheated, we popped into starbucks for an iced coffee. Starbucks is always good. Even when its not, it is. For some reason, if you get coffee after 2pm its crazy strong.. like tear your intestines apart strong. My mistake for not adding cream, and for getting caramel, because as stubborn as I was being about admitting it, it was wayyyy too sweet and kinda gross. But I drank it anyway and suffered all afternoon haha

We headed home after and had to do some quick house cleaning for the week ahead before crashing on the couch. I was never so happy to just kick it, because the heat really took it out of me. It was a pleasant suprise that my neighbor brought us dinner for mothers day(tequila lime chicken, potatos, and corn) and it was the perfect fix to calm my nerves.

I also picked up some sweet finds while scoping out the antique shops..
Scored this rad 70’s Cooperstown Pads jersey for home games for 30 bones, when they sell for $80-240 normally. SHWING


Also, I got 5 stacks of ball cards from ’68-’03.. which I totally scored on with Jeff Kent, Al Leiter, Jim Thome, Torii Hunter, Curt Schilling, Ken Caminiti, Craig Biggio, Larry Walker, C.C., and the crowning glory… Greg Maddux!


All in all, a great day and great family time! And afyer reviewing my pictures, im definitly taking up modeling..


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