Know your team!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday morning.. Great weekend for baseball! We have one game left today is the Giants/Dodgers series, and the BeatLA chants will continue. Buster Posey hit that bitchin walk off homer friday night, and Guillermo Quiroz followed with a pinch hit walk off last night.. Hey Belt, you planning on 3 for 3?

I wanted to highlight on one thing that really erks me about baseball fans, especially with this new world we have of “jumpers”, as I like to call them. I hate the term bandwagoner, so I use jumper instead. Im referring to the folks who jump from team to team depending on who’s winning. Pick a team and stick to it! My team as you know is the Giants. I know everything about them, and continue to follow when they lose. Thats what a fan should do. My pops is a die hard Padres fan, and I support them for his sake. I like the Pads, but they need to perform better if they want fans. Will I wear a SD hat when I go to their games? Absolutely, because its important to support your parents likes, even if you dont fully agree with them. If theyre playing the Giants though, all bets are off. But thats a whole other topic 😉

Back to the fact about fans.. Everyone claims their love for their teams, yet they dont know who the hell is playing. If you look at a number and dont have a damn clue who it is immediatly, then you dont have the right to claim yoursslf as a “true fan”. Thats nonsense! Last night when Quiroz hit that walk off homerun, the world of “fans” made the statement, “who’s quiroz?” That really pissed me off. The guy has been playing ball for 10 years, youd think he’d get a bit more notariety.
Im the type of person who needs to know things. I like learning. Baseball is a sport that requires quite a bit of attention. So when thess fans dont know that he our rotation catcher, it upsets me. I was talking to a gentleman yesterday who said that he couldnt follow baseball because it’s a three dimensional sport, compared to football whis is two dimensional. Its absolutely true! You have to know which way to look in order to understand the game. When fans say things like “it went that way” instead of right field, or “that guy caught it” instead of strike out it’s like, dont bother.

I had a friend point out to me that I know my stuff about all aspects of baseball. I dont like to only educate myself on one sector. Yes, majors are top of the heep, but it all starts somewhere. Dont undermine minor league, because thats where these players that you know soo much about come from. Theyre not going to pluck some moron off the street and give them a check and expect performance. This isnt Walmart! You have to build a foundation in the farm system. I love minor league because it gives you the chance to know the future of the ballclub. You get to see the guys grow, get through mechanics, excell, and get bumped through the system. If you want to know your major players, look to the minors!
But if I have one thing to say to fans today, its get to studying your team. If youre going to go on and on about how much you love them, but cant point out a player, then you have no business being there. Learn your shit!

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