MLB Network Analysis

Everyone has their favorite shows/or channel. Mine, for obvious reasons is Mlb Network. I used to love espn, but then it pulled a “mtv” and changed the focus to cocky athletes and less than mediocre analyst arguing.. keep it original. But Mlb Network is where its at! Its the perfect place to get up to date info, along with amusing interviews, recaps, stats, and a great way to see what your favorite players are doing.
Ill go through the shows briefly..

Quick Pitch:
  I dig the format, and I like the concept.. but im not a huge fan of Heidi Watney. Dont get me wrong, she’s a great reporter, and very pretty but her voice bugs me. Alanna Rizzo did the weekend show and it was great! And Lauren Shehadi is great too.. Put the ladies on rotation so it doesnt get repetetive.

MLB Right Now:
    Love the format, its a great idea for a new show. And im a big Harold Reynolds fan, but Brian Kenny is odd. Yes, brilliant baseball mind and a sabermetrics genius, but I cant look at him! Bring Billy Ripkin or Smoltz in, I love hearing them debate.

Mlb Tonight:
   Best round house discussions, and most appeasing. Let me start with the obvious, Greg Amsinger’s voice. Next is the fact that the staff is awesome. The back and forth chatter mixed with laughter and fun is enjoyable to watch. Mitch Williams is a riot, and its always fun when Larry Bowa comes to the party. Sean Casey and Al Leiter are ALWAYS fun to see, pure comedy.

Hot Stove:
    Its a shame that they only have it during offseason, because its my favorite morning show. Like I mentioned, love Harold Reynolds because he’s got that easy going likeable thing going, plus he played ball for years so he knows what he’s talking about. It took me a while to get used to Vasgersian, but I still think he’s a cocky SOB. And of course, when they have fill ins, its always great conversation.

Leaving my favorite for last..
The best interview in baseball, drumroll……

Intentional Talk:
   They throw the word “chemistry” around alot in baseball, but this show is the opitomy of chemistry! Kevin Millar and Chris Rose are fantastic. Kevin Millar, hilarious in his own right, is so damn likeable. And Chris Rose is so dorky, you just want to be his pal. The two of them together makes for nonstop laughter, even in crappy situations they make you crack up. Their segments are hilarious as well, between kevin’s highlights, 5 for friday, sneaky hot, and the ever so notable GOT HEEEM, youll be in stitches. The one thing I dont like is that they chop it down to 30 min in the offseason. -___-

There are many more shows that I love like Mlb Network Countdown, Prime9, Bloopers&Blunders, and anything with Bob Costas!

Feel free to throw in your opinions.. Until next time! Lets play ball

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