Garlic fries, Life lessons, and talking Polar Bears

So ive been really busy and preoccupied, which led me to not blogging for a week.. my bad!

Ill start with my favorite passtime, because baseball consumes my life! The boys of summer are off and running. My Giants are keeping up on their game, which is making my friendly banter with friends, uncles, and other associates enjoyable.;) They had a rough series in Milwakee, but turned it around with a nice sweep against San Diego. Poor Padres! Im also super pumped that Brandon Belt is slowly, but surely getting his spring training form back! I was so elated that he got that walkoff single, AND a homer last night. What a confidence boost!! Not to mention Posey’s got his homer run started as well. I cant lie, its been nice seeing Cody Ross back at AT&T. I know he still loves this team.

This weekend is their series in San Diego, YAY! Im hoping, which is slightly doubtful, that the Pads dont get swept again. I still have faith that they will one day be a great team, but theyre a young team and have growing room. For my pop’s sake, I hope they at least win the games he attends, so his season tickets arent a total bust. But then again, Petco Park is always an awesome experience. I mean, who doesnt love a good beer, live baseball, bitchin weather and garlic fries?

Onto the other fassets of my life, work monday-friday, crazyness, and somewhat relaxing on the weekends. I usually take a day to grocery shop, and then have a little girl time to eat shop etc.. this last weekend it seemed like there was a ton of stuff going on in San Diego. Between the Rodeo and events and games, you cant ever catch a break. Traffic, insane as usual. We were going to try the Avocado festival on Sunday, but then remembered that they had a 40,000+ headcount last year… didnt happen haha so instead I decided to stay home and not do a damn thing. I watched this weird ass sci-fi movie in the morning. It took me a while to get into because it was all over the place. Golden something, kinda like Harry Potter meets Narnia.. and it didnt even end. What kind of crap is that! Two hours of fiddle-dicking around the north pole and didnt have a proper ending. If im going to watch a movie with talking animals and funny looking european people, they can at least blow something up or give a bitchin fireworks show. After that nonsense, I layed out in the sun and got totally fryed. Eventful, I know.

Ive been reading this book, Duck Commander Family, and I can honestly say I enjoy it. I LOVE watching the Duck Dynasty show.. ps its wednesday 😉
But the book is a great way to understand wha the family is all about. The Robertsons have had a crazy life, and the Howards(Korie’s family) are truely something with all theyve done to help the family. Id recommend it to anyone! It has some great life lessons as well, and il leave yall with my favorite so far..

From Willie’s Granny:
“be content with what you have and dont worry about what you dont have.”

I feel like thats a really important lesson that today’s youth should be taught. When we were kids, we didnt have the modern technology and the newest thing. I didnt even have a cell phone til I could afford it myself, which was 15 and im damn proud of it! This new generation of ’95 and on knows nothing about the value of a dollar, or what its like to work. They have iphones and laptops and flat screens and every flippin video game consol made.. we had crayons and dogs. They also think the world owes them. I blame parents.

Shitty behavior is a result of shitty parenting.

If you want your children to learn a life lesson, sell all that electronic garbage and tell them to get their lazy fatasses outside. Rub a little dirt in it. Kill the cycle and take it back to traditional living.


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