Icy Hot and Beer

What a productive weekend! Ive been non stop busy with holidays, events, funerals, birthdays, and of course working monday-friday. I finally had a easy, semi relaxing weekend. I say “semi” because the first half of saturday consisted of walmart and costco.. grocery shopping isnt fun nor relaxing. But for the other half I had a total girl day, curled my hair(succesfully this time), and went shopping at kohls and the promenade. I got some cute new exercise clothes, some jewelry, a couple watches, and a few trendy tops for spring. I felt like I was 15 and actually liked the mall again haha On Sunday, I had a stay-home-get-shit done day. Woke up early and watch Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood with my coffee.. I forgot to add they had a crazy good deal on Starbucks coffee at costco, so naturally we stocked up for six months.


So after that, I spur of the moment decided I was in the mood to do some manual labor. Odd, i know. I put my barn work clothes on, made myself a large iced coffee, and went on down to the pasture. Of course I had my phone charged and baseball games playing through At Bat(best app on the planet). So 4 1/2 hours and 3 ballgames later I mucked 2 foot of erosion out of the goat pens and shoveled up mounds of turds. Pat on my back!


I felt so accomplished because I got a bitchin workout and got to spend time with my animals.. not to mention the weather was awesome so no sunburns WOO! This morning I woke up and couldnt move haha but with the help of ib profin, icy hot patches, and strong coffee I will get through the day. Ohh and I figured why not add insult to injury, and I put my retainer in which hasnt been worn in a good year.. my jaw is insanely sore and my teeth itch. Is that possible? Do teeth have itching capabilities? I feel like thats a really stupid question.. insert Bryce Harper saying “thats a clown question bro.” Ugh, its only 11am and I already need a beer.. Anyways, happy monday everyone! And remember.. #beatLA 😉

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