Be the person your grandma thinks you are

Let me start off by saying happy Jackie Robinson day! It’s also tax day and Patriot day, and as always, im proud to be an american! Seeing as how today, for baseball fans, is a national holiday, I wanted to touch a little on tonights game at Dodger stadium. Now as a Giants fan, im no stranger to the tensions and ill feelings between Dodger fans in their home territory. Just doing weekend shopping in Temecula(Riverside), I get dirty looks from Dodger fans while wearing my Giants gear, which is alot. So now more than ever as the Padres have strengthened their rivalry with the Dodgers, im hoping that for today at least they can keep their composer. Quentin is out, Greinke is out. The issue from last week should be set aside at least for today. Keep in mind, it is a day to honor a legend. I can imagine there will be families, and little kids present. Dont do something that you wouldnt want your kids seeing. This is not a hockey game, this is baseball. We all saw what happened with Mr. Stow, and he still is battling to stay alive. Dont make this day, a day that celebrates baseball and acceptance, a day of selfish meaningless behavior. Be the person your grandma thinks you are. As an adult, its easy to detect and notice child-like behavior. Youre not 15, act like an adult. Petty fights over the name on your shirt are silly. If you respect the game of baseball, youll know that on any ordinary day thats not okay, especially on a day like today its completely innapropriate. Everyone will wear the number 42 today, to symbolize equality, and to honor the legend. Keep in mind that today we celebrate the breaking of the color barrier is baseball, and the man who made it all a reality. Mr. Jackie Robinson, we salute you!


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