Are you wearing space pants?

Matching is overrated. Style is judged too much. In normal everyday life, yeah you should probably make an effort to not clash. But must people dont understand that. Dont get me wrong, I am horrible at stearing clear of patterns(camo obsession) but some of these new fashions are out of control.


Im no stranger to rocking a bitchin pair of patterned leggins, like this morning for example when I was playing with my dogs, but it was cold and under armour seemed appropriate.. time and place. About a month ago I went to Disneyland with my family and I saw two people, both women, wearing the most insane leggins, an they were skin tight and not necessarily flattering to their body styles. I saw the first one, bare with me, collaged mother Mary. Hip to ankle, it looked like she was wearing a Guadalupe candle, an of course the outfit wouldnt be complete without bright red combat boots.
By the way, it bugs the hell out of me that theyve made military gear a fashion. What a dishonor to the men and women fighting for our country. There is no place for wearing dress blues and commander coats and insignia, unless you are or once were active duty. And to argue my case, I only wear HUNTING camo. Its pretty, and quite handy in the woods.
Anyways, the other pair of patterned pants I came across were a pair of “galaxy” pants.. I couldnt help myself but think, “are you wearing space pants??” I wont finish the joke, because her butt was absolutely not out of this world.. it was definitly still on earth, and could use a good squat sesh.. or six.
Back to my own style, I kinda dont have a set style. I wear whats comfortable, I make an effort to look nice when Im out, I try to match.. but when im home, all bets are off! You can catch me in a solid Realtree camo outfit, miss matched socks, color blocking, patterned pants, american flag anything, baseball caps and wide brims, and boots. And to clear things up, I wear cowboy boots for utility and comfort. I have a flock of livestock and dogs, theres no need for tom’s in horse shit. 🙂


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