Who’s your Padre?

Growing up in San Diego, you learn to hate one team in particular.. The Dodgers. Being a Giants fan, it’s instinct to hate one team.. The Dodgers. Scencing a theme? Welcome to the wonderful world of California baseball rivalries! I guess it goes the same way in New York, seeing as how if youre a Yankee fan(booo) then you probably despise Boston and the othe NY team, the Mets.. but then again, if you want to get historical, Yankee fans hate the Dodgers as well! So it’s not just coast to coast bias.

As all may know, we had a bench clearing brawl, if thats what theyd like to call it, at the Pads-Dodgers home game Thursday night. Zack Grienke, punk, pitch hit Carlos Quentin which sent him charging Greinke and much to everyones knowledge broke the little fella’s collar bone. BOOM. Game set rivalry.


In no way am I a fan of pitchers nailing batters. I think it’s complete bullhonkey! Youre not being paid millions of dollars to get ejected and suspended for multiple games.. theyre not learning a damn thing! you want to punish the pitcher? Dock his pay, then he wont repeat it. Take advice from Francona and send em down to triple A like Carasco haha! Well, enough of my morning rant. I hope everyone enjoys Friday baseball around the league, prayin that my SFGiants can pull a win against the Cubbies, and that the poor Padres can jump out of last place. Il be rootin for yah!

Hey Dodgers


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