Fear the Beard or Shear the Beard?

As most know, I am a fan of the beard. Nothing I like better than a good lookin bearded man. Of course, when you mix beards and baseball together, you’ve competely caught my attention. The beard trend in athletics has made it’s comeback since the 70’s-80’s era. So I figured, why not give the bearded gentlemen a little input..

Starting with the most popular beard of them all, the all mighty Brian Wilson. His beard was nothing more than a few whiskers that made their way to the world series on a win/lose scenario, but of course with color came fame. The ever so dyed black beard became a celebrity instantly, and soon overshadowed what Mr. Wilson was known for, his crazy pitching arm and insane save record. I guess the real question is, where the hell did the glorious beard go!? We miss you Brian, recover soon!


Next up, Jason Werth. Jason, you already have perfect show hair, please chop the beard. When a man, such as Jason, has a perfectly chiseled face, why would you want to cover it up? Do everyone a favor and show off those cheekbones 😉


Moving on to some of the new beards on the block.. Evan Gattis, Sergio Romo, and Bryce Harper. Yes, NO and NO. That is all.

Beards im slightly on the fence about include Jason Motte and Josh Reddick. Jason Motte, ohh so handsome, can pull either way in my opinion. He’s got the beard down, and now that its filled in and thick it fairs well. Josh Reddick on the other hand is starting to look a little holy. Phil Robertson’s long lost son?? I read that Billy Beane made a bet to see who could grow the best show hair, Reddick obviously won! Although, im diggin Coco Crisp’s bitchin fro. But Josh is already a good lookin guy, so either way he can rock the beard and be proud of it.


So in terms of beards and baseball, Im a fan. But, let me emphasize this, some men just CANT pull it off. Show hair, show beard, pick one or the other. So I guess the question is.. Fear the beard, or Shear the beard?

Unless youre a badass dutch guy hanging out with grizzlies.. then the beard is 100% awesome


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