On Wednesdays we wear camo

So I was watching Duck Dynasty tonight, and I couldnt help but wonder.. how much of this is scripted?
I LOVE watching these guys, I mean pure comedy. Each family member is fantastic in their own right. Phil has a way with words like no other. Miss Kay is the silliest, and probably the best grandma on the planet. The boys are all hilarious with their crazy antics, and of course you have Uncle Si, the riot and most popular of the cast. I ponder about whether or not they sit around a table, pre-plan what will be filmed, and then figure out an appropriate place to throw Si in to mix it up.
All the boys have super model wives, which i find odd for a small town in Louisiana.. but then again, look at mister podunk Alabama QB with his Beauty queen girlfriend. It CAN happen! And I shouldnt be too harsh, because I myself am a fan of facial hair on men. I bought the Duck Commander book hoping it would give me some explaination to the madness, and go figure, it explains it all! Ive only gotten about a quarter of the way through, but I already understand where Phil gets his hard edge from, and where Si gets his “quirkiness” from. So I guess I have a bit more to read up on, nonetheless, I truely do enjoy this show, especially on Wednesdays..


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