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Many people see baseball as the “boring” team sport. They feel that contact is what makes a sport intriguing, and it compells people to tune in. Naturally, football is the sport of choice. Dont get me wrong, I love football like any other red blooded American, but my true love is baseball.

Now I know, people will sit and judge women because they feel like they are only interested in one thing.. butts. My parents taught me to never lie, so yes I will admit that I take great pleasure in examining those ever-so-popular, not to mention quite flattering baseball pants. But getting back on track here, I truely love the game of baseball.

Growing up in Ventura, naturally one would assume to be a Dodger fan. Not this gal! Seeing as how I was only 6, I had no interest in anything except sparkles and barbies. We moved to San Diego in 1998, and I soon adapted my inner tomboy and grew a love and passion for sports. I still loved my glitter, and definitly took advantage of those pink jerseys!

So if you want to get technical, I “grew up” in San Diego, where I also learned about my favorite passtime. We had a team, at the time winning, or at least competing, and I was hooked. The San Diego Padres. Sounded good back then haha

But I was indeed a Padre fan. We had an insanely good coach in Mr. Bruce Bochy, who was also our premier catcher back in the day. I was proud to be a Padre fan, because it was a solid franchise. Years passed and we hit a rough patch. I could no longer bring myself to like organization after the owner selfishly decided to clean out the staff for a “younger” approach. That’s crap! So I followed Bochy’s career move, and decided to take on a new team. The San Francisco Giants.

The Giants were responsible for producing some of the best players of all time, along with staffing former Padres’ castoffs. Luckily for Bochy, his former teammate and co-coach, Tim Flannery accompanied him to San Fran to start fresh. I grew to know every position player, stat, former players, prospects, minor league affiliates and everything that related to the bay area gem. I found my team! Although we didnt perform that great for a few years, we finally got our time. Farm grown heroes! But back to the topic at hand..

Baseball truely is America’s passtime. Im not the type of fan that only follows one team, i follow the game in it’s entirety. I love catching the rundown on all 30 teams. It intrigues me to know all the players, which is ALOT, and to know what they bring to the table. You knever know who could be traded or acquired, or which teams wont tender certain players once they approach free agency. Everyone is fair game, and thats baseball 🙂


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