Summer of Heroes

Hey there

Thought I’d give y’all some perspective on Disneyland’s newest gimmick with the “Summer of Heroes” currently taking place at Disneyland’s California Adventure..

As a steadfast Disney fan, and a MAJOR Marvel nerd, I’m pleased to say I’m pretty pumped on this seasonal promotion. Of course, following the HUGE release of Gaurdians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, we had to ride the ride. Granted, I knew going into it that it was going to be that awful, claw-your-face-off-descend 15 stories-ascend/descend/die a little-contemplate vomitting-loss of cognition-wtf I’m literally dying-finish out with uncontrollable shaking- ADVENTURE of a ride. Clearly I hated it hahaha Tower of Terror was an awful experience for any control freak. But GOTG Mission Breakout was the grown up version of what Hell feels like. If you go in expecting the previous ride, be prepared to pee a little. The ride itself has 4 times the drops and gut pain, followed by absolute regret. 

Just as a disclaimer, I have an unnecessary fear of heights, and a distain for ride/drop rides. They make me ill. I’m a control freak, with a type A personality.. so it was basically fresh hell. Not to mention the after effect. This version of this ride was twice as long and doubled the drop points of the previous. Afterwards, as in getting off the ride and walking through the fresh air.. I couldn’t control my body. What people don’t understand about these rides is that you completely lose your center of gravity. Normally, your organs sit at the center of your torso and follow normal gravity pull which keeps one inline with the surface of the earth. On these types of amusement park rides, you lose that gravity pull, which causes your organs to shift upward and downward at an inconsistent rate, which causes nausea and an imbalance of your central nervous system. For many, it gives a sense of endorphin overload causing a boost in epinephrine.. but for the vast majority, it cause a sense of dizziness, nausea, and pain. 

In short, I literally felt like I was in a car accident after that ride. Not to mention the bruising from where the seatbelt cut into me. 

But I can’t just give y’all complaints and distain. The experience was incredible! The building itself, from the entry to the final loading point was brilliant and unforgettable. The pure accuracy of the film portrayed into visual and aesthetic value is 100% ridiculous. The entry alone, within the “Gardens of the Galaxy” is just beautiful. And the museum… GOLLY GEE WILLAKERS!! We had a family with young kiddos needing out just as hard as I was at all the relics that were accurate to Tanaleer’s museum in the films and my dork brain was exploding with joy.. it’s imbeccable, from Cosmo the Russian space dog, to the Asgardian, Midgardian, and Ice Planet weaponry placed on display, you kind of lose your shit a little on how detailed everything is. 

Which I have to give Disney extra credit for bringing Spidey, Captain America, Black Widow, Gamora, and Groot out for photos. The characters on duty were fantastic and true to character. They really have given CA a nice boost👍🏻

Definitely an experience that I would suggest for everyone visiting Disneyland(one that I’ll never do again) but certainly an iconic and wonderful journey. I will permit string cocktails after, because anyone in their right mind will need it!

Cheers friends!

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