Home Plate Collision Nonsense

So I haven’t touched on the new MLB collision rule yet for some ridiculous reason that I can’t think of. They spoke about it this morning on HotStove, which reminded me about it, and Harold Reynolds and Amsinger had an in depth conversation with Sandy Alomar jr regarding his feelings. Naturally, they can’t divulge too much because it’s national television. So what do I have for you? Boy oh boy, all aboard the opinion train!

Let me start with one word to describe the rule.. Absolutelyfuckingstupid. It’s in the angry dictionary, somewhere between Failedtouseblinker and Toomuchparmesancheese..

Anyone who believes that taking “catchers collisions” out of baseball is a moron! As a position player, you do what you can to get your runs. If that means nailing the catcher to avoid an out, then so be it. Likewise, as a catcher, it’s your job to protect the plate. You don’t do all those power squats in spring training to NOT be a ship destroying iceberg in the sea of infield diamonds. That should be on every catchers resume, in old English..

Catcher, Bats/throws R/R, “Protector of thine Plate”

By taking collisions out of baseball, your allowing the attention span to wander. Catchers are responsible for knowing all things happening on all parts of the field along with keeping that plate covered. Take away that need and that makes you lazy. When you’re lazy, you become unfocused, and when you become unfocused, you do crazy things and end up on a Direct TV commercial. It also takes the fun out of it for those ballplayers on bases. So you’re on third, ball hit liner into left.. Ball comes in for the catch and you can’t nail the catcher to take home? So what what the hell are you supposed to do?? Offer yourself to the catcher? Like “hey pal, almost had it. Better luck next time!” And yes, there’s always the slide yada yada but that’s not fun.

So the opposing side is, yeah catchers won’t have as many injuries and blah blah blah but wtf is a game without there being a challenge? If I wanted to watch a boring sport, I’d watch golf. But this is baseball, and let’s get back to what’s it’s about.. Kill the collision rule, because it’s pure and utter nonsense.

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