Can you smell it? It’s in the air.. Baseball Season is upon us

Winter update: My sincerest apologies that i haven’t updated my blog since mid December, its been busy! Got through my semester at CSUSM with fantastic grades WOO! The holidays were short lived this year. It seemed like Christmas shot by like a bat outta hell. I had an enjoyable Christmas though, had the usual food standoff with my brother. That guy is lethal with a spatula; if you get too close to the Chicken Devan he’ll chop your fingers clean off. Also, my sister came down to visit with a lovely guest this year, her boyfriend, who i absolutely adore. Nicest guy ive ever meant, and i must say, he is my favorite of her past boyfriends. Did i mention he’s building her a house.. Winner winner! 

So I got a grip of sweet Baseball books for Christmas. One a collection of Panoramas from all major league ballparks, another an anthology of the Hall of Famers of the 1900s, and another of sweet trivia. Along with some Indians and Giants gear, im pretty pumped! 

So as far as offseason trades and signings go, i think its been a successful run. My Giants have signed something like eight players to contracts and extensions, including Huddy(LOVE him) and big hitter Michael Morse. Im excited to see what both of them can do for the team. My Indians have also made some additions and subtracts, Still heartbroken about Kazmir, but a few good spotters in  the rotation. As far as other teams go, let me just say that paying anyone 200mil+ is ridiculous. Robinson Cano is a money grubbin jerk. and although it was a ridiculous amount, I have to say that im happy for Kershaw because he deserved a fat contract. And as if we didnt have enough going on with every other player in the league, who has to continuously steal the show? of course, the biggest asshole on the planet ARod. As far as im concerned, he could drop off the face of the earth and no one would care. Such a pig. But he’s gotten exactly what he wanted. He wanted people to talk about him again.. and guess what, everyone is talking about him. Moron. 

So I just bought a new camera, D3200, and i LOVELOVELOVE it!! This thing is incredible! such clarity and precision. Im no professional photographer, but i am DAMN impressed by some of the pictures that thing is capable of taking.. heres a couple just to boast haha ImageImageImage


Anyways, i think thats it for now.. Im making a conscious effort to blog more once baseball season officially starts up. Looking forward to Spring Training games! Til next time 🙂

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