First day at Staircase University

First day… Done!

I have toad it, as excited as I was to start at csusm, it was definitely a day. I started off this morning waking up at 4am because of nerves. Spent the next two hours staring at the clock waiting for 6am to strike so I could start my day.. What was I waiting since I was already up? Because I’m a weirdo.. Why get up early when you can stay in bed? Because nerves!!
So after laying in bed for an unnecessary 2 hours, I got up, took my shower and bleached my teeth.. Yes, I bleach my teeth. I’m a total stickler for proper dental hygiene. Nothing wrong with pretty teeth!
So after all thy nonsense, I attempted to do my hair but gave up and braided it.. Let me add that it was a swift 95 degrees with 100% humidity.. Que Satan’s hell fire. And of course, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t wear jeans within the madness.
First class: rad! My professor was super laid back and crazy chill. Unfortunately he was under the weather so he cut the class short, but I look forward to his class this semester.
Second class: let me just say, 145 students. Wtf!?! Is that even possible?? Apparently, yes. 145 people in a lecture hall that probably seats 60 comfortably. Asses to elbows haha
Swift lunch break, ate my fiber one granola bar and had a pleasant surprise with the Special K pastries which were fabulous!!!
Third class: the professor reminded me exactly of my aunt.. What a trip! Should be an interesting semester!
Last class: luckily, I saw a familiar face for the first time today! Alan old friend from middle/high school. That was awesome! And my professor looks like a skinny mark wahlberg.. Hubba hubba Haha
After, for some reason I thought I’d go to the bookstore and expected it to be less crowded than before.. Boy was I wrong! I got all my books, minus two, in less than 5 minutes.. I waited in line for 1&1/2 hours.. Flipping ridiculous!!!! That was hell! I’ve never had such a bad headache as I did leaving that place and on my way home.. Not to mention I hit crazy traffic. I was never been so happy to get home!

Had a nice chicken Marsala dinner with carrots and squash for dinner.. A nice way to calm down! So now I’m watching So You Think You Think You Can Dance and further relaxing into my quiet somber.. Till next time! 🌹

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