Feircly Fabulous

Made this glass for my favorite Temecula gal.. Tedious, time consuming patterns, but made for a fabulous glass!

IMG_20130818_103946 IMG_20130818_110252 IMG_20130818_112644 IMG_20130818_124940 IMG_20130818_124945 IMG_20130818_131653 IMG_20130818_132957 (1) IMG_20130818_135752 IMG_20130818_141328 (1) IMG_20130818_141334 IMG_20130818_145654 (1)

and the Final..


IMG_20130818_180944 IMG_20130818_180949 IMG_20130818_180956 IMG_20130818_181001 IMG_20130818_181011 IMG_20130818_181021



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