Lilac fire 2017

Hey y’all,

Just giving you an update on the last few days.. it’s been pretty wild. Living in fallbrook, you have a solid understanding of fire danger and the potential evac orders to come.. well, this last Thursday, the 7th proved relevant. At around 11:15am on third]stay, a fire sparked off the 15 freeway in bonsall, ca. This is roughly 7 miles from where I live. We had kiddos at the house, because it was a regular work day. 2 pm came around, and it started to progress..

Things started to become more relevant when the fire creeped in. The smoke began to grow, and my anxiety multiplied. The fire was getting closer, and by measure of the fire chief, he said it was a mile a minute, which proved problematic for anyone with, children, livestock, or equine in relative proximity.

I began to quietly panic, but kept a straight face for the kiddos. It progressed and got uglier by the minute.

By the time 430 hit, it was obvious that this bad mamajamma wasn’t going to die down anytime soon.. so we started prepping to leave.. the prep lasted all of 20 minutes, which means nothing really happened besides watering the property and hoping that that was enough..

The mandatory evacuation call came in about 530 pm, and less than 10 minutes later, SDG&E cut the power in our neighborhood and the smoke began to billow out of Control. The sky turned orange. We packed up the explorer, two children and a cat in the center, two labradors and a pot belly pig in the back. It was a special smell in the car. The kiddos were champions. They held strong and were troopers until we dropped them off at their grandma’s home. I should mention there was one way out of town, and we had to get gas with roughly 75 other folks getting out of town at the same time, god knows how many followed. We settled in Oceanside at a family friends house and are grateful and blessed to of had that offered to us.

Fortunately, they lifted the mandatory order, but it took us quite a while to get back into town. We are blessed that Fallbrook has the means and the sheriffs department that Check for ID in order to get back into the neighborhood, because it prevents looting. Thankful to be back home now, with minimal damage to the property. Can’t say the same for our neighbors less than a mile down the road.. they lost three homes. But we’re blessed for another day. Sending y’all many blessings🙏🏻🙏🏻

Sending out a major thank you to the first responders, volunteers, firefighters, police officers, paramedics, animal control, vets, and anyone whom offered help and assisted in making this a less awful experience.. y’all are the true heroes and such a blessing!

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