Craft day

So when I get the chance to make someone’s birthday super special, I throw out all the stops and put these hands to work. 

Tried my hand at some dorky and totally PUNny gifts/ card.. I hope y’all enjoy them! 

First we have the gift.. OBI WINE KENOBI

It started with brown and tan burlap, a bottle of my cousin’s fav wine, hot glue and glow sticks..

And the results came out splendid! The trick is to get the 10 pack of glow sticks, so they can regenerate them whenever they have company! And you always have a spare bottle of wine for when the force is strong😊
Next up was the card. As y’all know, I make my own felt cards. I can’t help myself with a killer pun, so naturally I just had to commit. 

Wishing y’all a stellar Sunday Funday and use the force! 

XO with big Texas hair, 

      Chloë 🏠

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