Timmy’s No-No; round two

I remember last year, sitting in my seat at Petco park, on my heels watching the freak pitch a historic game. Never did I think it would be a repeat.. Not only playing the same team, but in his home park. It was one thing to see Timmy pitch a nono.. But seeing him throw it against the same team, making history since the last pitcher threw a double against the same team in 19-freakin-10. Sweet Jesus! Only big time Timmy Jim would accomplish that, only a week after Kershaw threw his no hitter. Well played Timmy! Can’t beat the Bay Area hype! Granted, Kershaw is a one of a kind phenomenon of a ballplayer and I respect his craft and his character extensively, the Giants will prevail! Number one in the NLW baby! Congrats on the nono Lince! ❤️


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