Mama’s birthday

Today my beautiful mama turned 58.. she deserves the world! Im so blessed to have such a wonderful role model in my life. Happy to spend the day and spoil her, not to kention the ridiculous meal I got for her. This was from Tekila Mexican Cocina in Bonsall. The style is fusion mixed and the food is fantastic!


Beans, rice, and a chicken taco.. beef enchilada and a chile rellano, hot wings and killer salsa, bean and queso blanco nachos, chicken flautas, quesadillas, stuffed jalapenos, and the dip spread, and the (not on the menu secret) mexican pizza with the works.. we literally got through about a fourth before we tipped over from food coma. The amoubt of food you get for the price is insane. Il definitly give them as much business as possible!! Ps. They do half flower half corn tortilla chips YUM!

Happy Birthday Mama!!♡♡♡

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