Mr. Padre

I’m completely stunned by news of Tony Gwynn’s passing. This is devastating. Yes, I knew he had been battling cancer for many years, but all reports up to date had said he was on a positive turn. I mean, he JUST reigned for another year coaching. This hit me just like the passing of Junior Seau, hard and fast. It’s a blow to the heart. He was San Diego. He put a face to the padres when they were nothing. Tony Gwynn was one of the only players to play in both of the Padres World Series appearances and go yard.. That says a lot for this town. I am morning today. Not only because I am such a fan of baseball, but for my hometown, and foremost for one of my favorite ball players growing up. He was my idol. My prayers are with the Gwynn family, and for my county for we lost a pillar of the community today. Peace with you Tony, as you accompany the late Jerry Coleman, for your career and your legacy, you can hang a star on that!✨❤️


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