Byrnes on IT

Holy crap! Don’t know if anyone has been tuning into Intentional Talk today but man, Eric Byrnes was fired up! Now I like Eric Byrnes.. He’s as honest as they come is professional sports. And he’s a family man. But poor Chris Rose looked like he was about to start crying when Byrnes started jammin on the player retaliation topic haha Rose couldn’t get a word in and Byrnes was going OFF! Don’t get me wrong, I agreed with everything he said but his delivery was intense haha best part is that he is that dedicated in every segment. And that he threw in at the end “sorry rose.. i got too into it” hahah I like him on IT, but I think it would be a little less with Millar and Byrnes because Millar is a goofball (and that Mike Trout rapid fire.. Good god what a mess) haha it would be the perfect ying and yang! Byrnes also shared a lovely story about his relationship with his departed father, which left me with the warmest feeling. Especially since Father’s Day is this weekend it was nice to hear a story of true love. It’s a good reminder to all those parents that even though you may not know a damn thing about your kid’s sport of choice, you support them 100% in every aspect. That’s what it takes to be a good dad! Happy Father’s day to all you dads out there, I hope to have a nice day either fishing or shooting with my pops. God bless♡

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