Respect: You’ve got to earn it!

Many things have been pissing me off lately.. And NO, it’s not lady problems. I don’t have time for that nonsense on top of everything else I’ve got going on in my life. That’s the lest of my worries. I guess you can say it’s just PEOPLE in general. It amazes me how little respect there is in this new world we live in. Maybe it’s just California.. Southern California to be more accurate. I can’t speak for other states because I live here, but if the shows on Tv and news reports etc.. Are any indication of how our world has changed then I want absolutely no part of it. Shit, it might just be a United States thing. I see this blatant disrespect everywhere I go here in California. I walk into Walmart and there are little kids running in full sprint and one of them rams right into my leg(sure to bruise) and he looks at me like I’m the devil. I was at Disneyland and there was a young girl screeching at the top of her lungs because she wanted a goddamn fairy wand.. And of course, she got it. And to the gentleman(whom was MOST DEFINITELY not a gentleman) who was with his WIFE and hitting on my friend less than 5foot away, shame on you. Or the scantily clad young lady(clearly asking for sexual attention) that had clothes so small that they’d fit a toddler. Maybe it’s this new generation.. But then again, maybe it’s just this society. People are growing up to think that they can do no wrong and that they are god. News flash homie, unless you respect people and treat them kindly, then you’re nothing more than a penny on the sidewalk.

I’m baffled by how people treat others. I grew up with the general consensus that you treat people with respect, don’t talk back, don’t raise your voice unless 100% necessary, speak to adults in yes ma’am, yes sir terms, don’t be an asshole, work hard, eat your vegetables, be a good human being, and press on in the hard times. Kids these days treat their parents and other adults like dirt. They control EVERYTHING. I blame you, 20-30 something yuppie parents who don’t believe in rules and discipline. How is your child supposed to learn a damn thing about life if they are served on a silver platter their whole life? Is the $60,000 brand new vehicle you bought them going to teach them about the value of a dollar? Is it going to teach them a lesson by telling them ‘you’re disappointed’ when they are using heroin and meth in highschool? Stop putting your child on a pedi stool. Teach them how to be a good person. Put them outside and get them a dog. Throw your technology away and get them instruments and animals and a fishing pole. No more trophies for participating hahah and for all those people who were brought up by those yuppie parents, time for a fucking reality check. Get a job, pay your own bills, be responsible for your actions and stop being a dillhole!

I may sound harsh in saying these things, but whatever.. If everyone else is allowed to have opinions and call me a redneck or say that I’m blue collar white trash because I work for a living then I should be able to voice my opinion as well. In the words of The Dude, “well that’s just like, your opinion man.” If there’s any hope for our future generations, it’s that parents start taking action and being more like their elders. Take responsibility for your child’s actions, because they are a reflection of you.

We are all a product of our upbringing.

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