Is it Christmas yet? Winter Baseball Storm, Finals, and Ridiculously Delicious food

Hello compadres,
My sincerest apologies for not keeping up with blogging. As always, life has prevented me from keeping up on writing. It’s been an insanely busy semester, and it’s always busy around the holidays. I guess I haven’t blogged since before the World Series.. Holy cow!

Obviously it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t talk baseball.. And holy balls do I have a LOT to talk about!
SO, going back to where I left off. World Series! Man, what a show. I’d never been so stressed about teams that I had no concern about. St. Louis put on an interesting show with that knee jerk back and forth crap. I honestly didn’t know who was going to win.. Well I knew who was going to win, but I still thought about it for a second haha I liked Boston’s squad this year. Strong bats, power pitching, and heavy on personality. They did great things for the city after such tragedy earlier this year, that I’m glad they won 🙂

**note, I’m not a Boston fan in any way, but the cute guy(Boston fan) in a couple of my classes this semester did inspire me to pay attention to them slightly more than I usually do.. Damn those green eyes! BUT I hope we crush them next year haha

On to off season news, and MY GOD, there’s been a whirlwind!
I am elated that my Giants signed Tim Hudson to the pitching staff.. Huddy is one of my favorite pitchers in the big leagues, loved him with Atlanta but Il love him even more in orange and black! Resigned Timmy, Vogey, Javy and some other minor leaguers. I’m also pretty pumped with what the Indians have done, except I’m heartbroken that Kazmir is gone.. BABY COME BACK! We picked up Murph which I’m pretty pumped about.. He’s got sneaky power and can pitch in dire situations haha

Signings signings signings.. All I’ve focused on for the last week, prior to winter meetings, is these ridiculous contracts and the WTF landing spots. Top dog, Cano is going to Seattle for a ridiculous $240.. Like seriously?? Not in it for the money my ass. Fister to Detroit, Fielder to Texas, Kaz to Oakland, Salty to Miami, Granderson to NYM, and the two biggest shockers… Beltran and Ellsbury signing with the Yanks. WHAT!
My Cal History professor(HUGE Boston fan) started class by saying “Jacoby Ellsbury is dead to me.” Haha I’m one of maybe 4 people in the class that actually follows baseball so he looked at me when he said it hahah

The handful of mind boggling signings the week prior to winter meetings threw me off big time, I can only imagine what this week will bring. Just to mention, it started this morning with the HOF Expansion Era committee electing Tony La Russa, Bobby Cox, and Joe Torre to the hall of fame. I honestly thought Miller and Steinbrenner would if gone in as well, but I guess not!

So other than baseball, I’ve been working on a few things. Money is low this year, so everyone is getting homemade gifts. Il post pictures after Christmas. School has been kicking my butt. I’ve written more papers than I can’t count on both hands. Finals are this week, so I’m slightly neurotic. Luckily, one is an online essay. Another, my professor said that if you have an A in the class that you don’t have to take the final, SHWING! I think il pull out As and Bs this semester. Besides Astronomy, I’ve enjoyed all my courses and teachers. And I’ve met some fantastic people so it’s been successful for the most part.

Thanksgiving was great! Had a big family meal at my aunt and uncles house. We grubbed and drank, got a little sideways, but I’m 22 so it’s okay haha I payed for it that Friday. Life lesson: don’t drink patron, cafe patron, fireball, beer, vodka, and wine all in the same night. I mean, unless you want to pee for 6 hours straight, feel like you got hit by two semis, and then took a ride in a dryer while singing Christmas carols on a boat. A slow and painful death indeed.

I’ve also been on a homemade meals kick, where everything has been insanely good. I’ve shared a bit of it on my Instagram, but here’s some more.

Excited for Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year! I have an insane schedule so il probably piss a lot of people off by not being able to attend their events. But my sanity takes forefront. I’d love to be able to make everyone happy, but in don’t have the money, the time, or the energy to please everyone. Bare with me, this is going to be a rough 3 weeks. If you can’t contact me, I’m probably working tirelessly, studying my brains out, or rummaging for time to sleep and do normal human activities like eating and breathing.

Til next time folks! And happy holidays to all👍😘♥️🎄

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