Things you Probably Don’t Know About me

Things you probably don’t know about me..

▪️my brain is like a baseball encyclopedia
▫️I LOVE dark beer, not a big fan of flavored beers
▪️Rodeo has my heart
▪️I put bacon on EVERYTHING
▫️my ultimate career goal would be to become a baseball historian
▪️I play the piano
▫️I’m an impulsive boot buyer
▪️I’m still hot for Brian Wilson even though he’s a Dodger
▫️the trait I value most in people is honesty
▪️I have a sneaky hot old guy crush on Mike McDreamy(Matheny)
▫️I’m a baseball stat nerd
▪️I also collect baseball cards.. I probably have about 800-1000
▫️I find a man with facial hair more attractive that a smooth face
▪️I have dogs, horses, goats, a pig, and a cat
▫️I have insanely curly hair naturally
▪️my coffee intake is probably more than what three people should be consuming
▫️I don’t like mushrooms, shrimp, or any rubbery type of food
▪️I can’t stand needy people, get your shit together
▫️my first year of college I took 57 units
▪️I’m an anthropology and history double major
▫️steam boat willie is my favorite Mickey Mouse cartoon
▪️I can’t resist accents.. Southern, European, Australian you know the drill
▫️I love Harry Potter movies
▪️I relate better to guys because my brain is filled with sports knowledge
▫️I like high heels but I can’t walk in them
▪️clingy people bug the shit out of me too
▫️I find bitterness unbecoming

I probably have much more but I need more coffee..

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