October: Baseball, Halloween, and Desert Season

Thought today would be a good opportunity to post since I’ve been swamped with university life.. And by university life, I’m not referring to partying and social events and all that. I’m referring to the copious amount of studying and papers and academic shit I’ve had to do. One word: WINE. Rounding out the end of my midterms this week I’ve written 8 papers, taken five exams, and have had reading of 9 books on top of that.. Did I mention I like wine? Fortunately, I’ve had great feedback and have gotten grades between 83 and 96 in all classes. High five to myself, personal victory! So yeah, I guess it’s good that I’m staying busy between school and work, but my social life is non existent right now.. Friends? Do you exist anymore?? Im still alive! I should name my iPad Wilson because it’s the only thing I’ve had a relationship with in the last month hahah

So it’s finally October.. The glory of Fall! So many fantastic things come with this season. I’m pumped just to be able to drink hot coffee and not be pissed off. And the weather is getting better.. If only San Diego would calm its persnickety ass down with this heat.. That rain last week was a mean teaser. I just want to wear my damn sweatshirts again!

Baseball, my full time boyfriend, has been sneaky this post season. Between LA and St Louis, these games are a constant tug and pull. The Dodgers have been deceptive in their pursuit. They claim Hanley is hurt but they suit him up in ridiculous armor and play him anyway.. I call bull honky. Also, another pet peeve is that LA adopted “fear the beard” with Brian Wilson’s arrival. I’m not bitter about the signing, because nobody else offered him anything and he’s got bills to pay.. I’m bitter that a saying termed in San Francisco by GIANTS fans has been capitalized in a rival ball club. It’s crap. And I don’t fear it anymore.. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still one foxy dude with a mean fastball, but I’m over it. LA go away. Obviously I’m pulling for the Cards in this series haha

The other match up, which has put me through the flippin ringer is Boston and Detroit. I’m a baseball fan foremost, so obviously I’m stressed the eff out! You can’t win in this series. When you go from domination for 2 games, an insane 2 inning wtf triumph, a ridiculously embarrassing loss, to an 1 run win.. You just can’t catch a break. I’m pulling for Boston in this series.. Not because I’m a random fan, but because I don’t want Detroit in the World Series haha they’ve been there 2 years in a row, I’m tired of seeing them. Except for Miguel Cabrera because I can’t be negative about him.. He’s too good! And that catch by Iglesias last night.. No words can describe that. Like what the actual f***!!! He is money for Detroit. Boston’s had a solid line up. Salty, excellent.. Ellsbury, money.. Ortiz, 8 chainz.. And Between Napoli and Ross, the old beards are dominating.

So Halloween is coming up.. Obviously, I’ve decorated haha I’m pretty pumped on the fact that I finally get to renew my Disney pass because holidays are the best at Disneyland. And Desert season is literally around the corner so I’m pumped on that.. Nothing like opening weekend arm pump!

So I don’t have much more to say.. I’ve cut back on coffee.. I’m on day 3 of only one cup in the morning and I kinda want to kill everyone. I tried a chi tea yesterday and it was pretty bomb.. May need to invest in those bad boys. We’ve also entered bread bowl season, so it’s time to get fat haha til next time!!

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