Mo’s big game, Going yard, and Inspirational shit

Recapping All Star week.. ehh

Every year, I get overly excited about seeing the best of the best from all over the league knock doubles and triples, throw shut out innings, go yard, and compete for the top honors.. this year was kinda boring! Although I already knew the AL was going to take it, I wish the national league team would of tried a little harder. Yes, it was Mo’s last game, so it wouldnt be right unless they won. A bit premeditated in my opinion. Harold Reynolds made a very valid statement in the post game show.. not his exact wording, but it didnt matter if you would of hit 3 hr, got 5 rbis and a game changing catch.. Mo would’ve still got the mvp.
Id say it’s well deserved. I mean, arguably the best closer of all time, id probably be pissed if he didnt get it. But still, it wouldnt hurt to knock a couple into the gap to get a run or two. I did like the enter sandman tribute. Truely classy seeing both dugouts clear to give Mariano the ovation he deserved.
The HR derby was exciting. I was pumped to see captain forearms hit the lot, but he was a little soft that night. Cuddy put on a great performance. The captains were less than par. I loved that Bryce Harper had his dad pitching for him. I mean, how cool is that! What a way to share a colossal event with the person who got you there. The star of the show was the “underdog” but he was much much more! 17 hr in one round.. unbelieveable. And might I add, hes a good lookin dude. Those cuban boys are sneaky handsome.

Wednesday, we watched the ESPYs because well, why the heck not! I was less than impressed with Jon Hamm.. for such a dapper guy hes not a very elliquent speaker. But I have to talk about the best parts.. the three stories of the year that were insanely inspiring were discussed, highlighted, shared, and honered.

Robin Roberts, broadcast extroadinary got the courage award after her gnarly cancer and bone disease ordeals. She deserves every ounce of respect and good that comes to her. She is a role model of a lifetime.

The young man with brain cancer who had the chance to score a touchdown for the huskers football team was next. That kid brought tears to inspiration to many.

And the last was the story of Rick and Dick, father and son marathoners that have inspired the world.

Preserverence is a good word to describe these three stories. Not a damn dry eye in the house that night!

Cooperstown is coming up.. we all know there was a dead ballot this year. Naturally, the mlbpa decided to honor those who were never properly honored back in the day. Nifty!

Till next time! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂


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