All Star Game festivities.. Get excited!!

Happy All Star week everyone! Im excited for all the festivities planned for this week, although I cant physically be there, il be tuning into MLB Network and ESPN tirelessly! Sorry friends, youve been duped..

Things im excited to see:
Obviously the Homerun derby. Who wouldnt be excited to see the league’s best bats knocking homers left to right? Il tell you who, boring boring poopyheads!

Too bad we couldnt get Hawk Harrelson to broadcast it.. he might have a heart attack telling them to put it on the board ever 5 seconds.

This years ASG roster is exciting,  For me any way! Great lineups for both the National and American league.. as much as id wish for Bochy to be able to claim another title since the G men have been performing poorly, the AL team is loaded.

1B Chris Davis
2B Robinson Cano
3B Miguel Cabrera

Need i say more?
Between the marathon, red carpet, futures game, and everything else accompanimg this weeks event, Im sure il be very busy!

So for everyone who plans on watching, I wish your team good luck! And I hope everyone has a fantastic week 🙂

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