Raise Old Glory Proudly

I had a friend ask me a question, that made me think a lot.. they said “Chloe, why are you so patriotic?”

I thought to myself for a second, man that’s really good question! No one’s ever asked me that before, because everyone that knows me knows how patriotic I am. It’s somehow in my blood. I was just born that way. I love country. I mean, how can you not? Land of the free home of the brave..

It also got me to thinking, why are more people not completely smitten with this country? Why so bitter and hatefull? Negativity never solves anything. Personally, I’m borderline obsessed with my patriotism(insert 4×6 us flag waving). I love the essence of what this country stands for. Freedom, safety, unity, security, love, one nation under God.

Being raised in San Diego, I’ve only known military presence, and I am 100% supportive. Military is everywhere down here.. from Miramar airbase, to the Naval base in the bay, up to Camp Pendleton(oorah!) To 29 Palms, in SD we know military and we show it proudly! There is nothing wrong with supporting something that grants your freedom.. I mean, do you protest your grandmother when she makes you chocolate chip cookies? Do you veto your parents when they take you on a bitchin vacation? Do you punish your dog from protecting you from stranger danger? No! If someone is offering freedom and safety so you can sleep at night, you NEVER disrespect them. And if you do, you should be ashamed of yourself.

The brave men and women who have fought these wars and have fallen are what Memorial day is all about. Its not about the better barbique, whose got a bigger boat at the lake, copiuos amounts of alcohol and yelling “Merica”. It’s about remembering the fallen, honering their battle, and memorializing what they did, selflessly, for and entire nation. United we stand. Think about your family. How many members have served? How many people fought the good battle for your well being?

Now that I’ve made my point, I hope I’ve answered my friends question. I’m patriotic for so many reasons, but the main being I appreciate what I have. I appreciate what’s been done for my future, my safety, my livelyhood. It’s not about taking advantage of what’s been done, its about understanding what others have done in the past to create this environment of security and freedom.

The beauty is infinite, from sea to shining sea. 🙂

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