Marvel, let’s conquer 2017 together🤘🏻

As a somewhat adult and totally independent woman, I think it’s important that I divulge this first. I’ve graduated college with a total of 5 degrees, three associates and two bachelors.. and am a totally legitimately intelligent woman..
But I finally saw Doctor Strange today, on Netflix because I’m a broke as college student, recently graduated with nothing to do but watch movies on Netflix.
It put me in the biggest stupor that I’ve had in my entire college career. Granted, I’ve dealt with some pretty gnarly elemental and intellectual shit in my tenure(roughly 7) years of switching majors.. this film out me in a world of hurt. It was like the worst acid trip, met with a Vicodin high and a bath salts journey.. not saying I’ve done any of that. But it made Alice in Wonderland look like a day in the park!
I’m a marvel fan! I literally watch marvel films weekly and I’ve probably read every marvel comic book from about 1995- 2017 so I get the story lines and what not. But honestly, Doctor Strange(the film) made me feel uncomfortable and weird.. even the post credits, which marvel is synonymous with, were unsettling.. which due to the nature of Thor, I, already dying inside knowing that this will be the last of Thor’s films. Which it’s still irritating to me knowing that Thor and a Loki Are credited in Avengers: infinity war because everyone on Asgard dies in Ragnarok.  Call me a die hard nerd, but how the fuck can you help if you’re dead?

Regardless of my harsh commentary and descriptive perception, I did like the film for the most part. The actors chosen for it were fantastic! But really, it hurt my head, and is still making me almost sneeze thinking about it. Like wtf marvel.. Spider Man with the child Peter Parker,  Infinity War with unforeseen non comic heroes, and Black Panther(which I know is going to be bitchin) should revive our light for the future of the marvel cinematic universe.. because I can say without sustain.. our current USA is garbage. And we certainly need some heroes!

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